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Treatment with antibiotic drugs helps overcome many bacterial infections. Why is penicillin toxic to many bacteria?

A. It interferes with DNA replication
B. It inhibits transcription
C. It disrupts translation
D. It blocks protein synthesis
E. It inhibits cell wall formation

A plant biochemist received a specimen from a fellow scientist who noticed that the plant’s stomates are closed during the day. The biochemist observed that radioactive carbon in the form of carbon dioxide, fed to the plant at night, was first found in organic acids that accumulate in the vacuole. During the day it moved to sugars being manufactured in the chloroplast. What was the conclusion of the biochemist?

A. The plant fixes carbon by crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM)
B. The plant is a C4 plant
C. The plant is a C3 plant
D. The plant is using mitochondria as chloroplasts
E. The carbon fixation reactions occur in different cells

Match each item in column A with one in column B to which it is most closely associated.

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