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Kisi-kisi Materi Dan Panduan Olimpiade Biologi Internasional SMA


The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is a competition for secondary school students. Their skills in tackling biological problems, and dealing with biological experiments are tested. Interest in biology, inventiveness, creativity and perseverance are necessary. Every member country sends four students, who are the winners of the respective national competitions. They are to be accompanied by two team leaders as representatives of each country.

Aims of the IBO

In bringing together gifted students, the IBO tries to challenge and stimulate these students to expand their talents and to promote their career as a scientist, so biology talents do not get lost. The Olympiad also is focusing on biology as a beautiful and valuable subject. Many biological topics like ethology and ecology stress the importance of biology for society, especially items such as nature preservation and/or environmental protection.

The Olympiad offers the opportunity to compare the syllabuses and educational trends in biology in different countries. This is useful information to improve biology education on a national level.

Many institutions are involved in the organization of the national Olympiad: ministry of education, industry, teachers’ associations, universities, schools. Contacts between these institutions will lead to a better understanding and communication about their respective activities in the field of biology.

Content Theoretical part of the IBO

  1. Cell biology (20 %)
  2. Plant anatomy and physiology (15 %)
  3. Animal anatomy and physiology (25 %)
  4. Ethology (5 %)
  5. Genetics and Evolution (20 %)
  6. Ecology (10 %)

Basic Skills for the Practical Part of the IBO

  1. Science Process skills
  2. Basic biological skills
  3. Biological methods
  4. Physical and chemical methods
  5. Microbiological methods
  6. Statistical methods
  7. Handling equipment

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