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Soal Olimpiade Matematika SD IMSO Taiwan


Maslatip.com – Kolom olimpiade kali ini akan berbagi tentang soal olimpiade matematika SD yang digunakan dalam International Mathematics And Science Olympiad (IMSO) tahun 2005 yang diselenggarakan di Taiwan. Soal olimpiade matematika SD IMSO sebenarnya hampir sama dengan soal-soal yang digunakan dalam lomba olimpiade matematika pada OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional) yang diselenggarakan oleh pemerintah.

Perbedaan soal IMSO dan OSN hanya pada bahasa yang digunakan, yaitu dalam soal IMSO menggunakan bahasa Inggris sedangkan OSN campuran bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris. Berikut contoh soal olimpiade matematika SD IMSO 2005. Untuk soal versi lengkapnya silahkan bisa Anda download melalui link di bawah soal yang saya tulis ini.

Contoh soal olimpiade matematika SD IMSO 2005 Taiwan

  1. Three man and three children arrive at the river where there is a small boat that will hold one adult or two children. What is the minimum number of trips across the river in either direction to get the family across?
  2. There are 500 unit cubes. As many of these cubes as needed are glued together to form the largest possible cube which looks solid from any point on the outside but is hollow inside. What is the side length of the largest cube?
  3. Five students sit for an exam which has a maximum score of 100. The average of the five scores achieved by the students in the exam was 89. What could the minimum score be gained?
  4. A large watermelon weighs 12 kg, with 97% of its weight being water. It is left to stand in the sun, and some of the water evaporates so that now only 90% of its weight is water. What does it now weigh?
  5. In a mathematical competition consisting of 25 problems, 8 marks are given for each correct response, 0 marks for each incorrect response and each no response is awarded 3 marks. Tom scored 121 marks in this competition. What is the smallest number of incorrect responses he could have?
  6. In a soccer tournament eight teams play each other once, with two points awarded for a win, one point for a draw and zero for a loss. How many points must a team score to that it is in the top three (i.e. has more points than at least five other teams)?
  7. Locate digits from 1 to 7 into each row and each column of the grid once. Numbers on the circles tell the product of the four digits around them.

kotak-angka-imso-2005kotak-angka-2-imso-2005Soal olimpiade matematika SD IMSO 2005 Isian Singkat (Short Answer) download
Soal olimpiade matematika SD IMSO 2005 Uraian (Essay) download
Soal olimpiade matematika SD IMSO 2005 Eksplorasi (Exploration) download


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